What's all the buzz about anyway?!

Acai is a Brazilian superfruit renowned for it's high concentration of anti-oxidants and energy benefitting properties.

Our Acai bowls are packed with micro-nutrients and our bowls are made with 100% organic Brazilian Acai. (Oh, and did we mention that it's DELICIOUS?!)

Other Fun Healthy Facts:


Açaí is a great source of phytochemicals (organic plant compounds) that promote optimum health and longevity through boosting the immune system and maintaining healthy cells.


Açaí contains 16 types of antioxidant compounds, which help cleanse body of harmful free radicals.


Açaí has a strong protein profile similar to an egg. This helps to build, repair, and protect muscle tissue.

Omega Fats

Açaí is loaded with healthy fats which help maintain healthy blood cholesterol.

Essential Amino Acids

Açaí has been discovered to contain ALL of the essential amino acids and nutrients required by a human body. This very rare composition is ideal to maintain a well functioning metabolism, support a good immune system, and help prevent major health problems or disease.

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