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Açaí: How It's Produced and Harvested

Açaí: How It’s Harvested and Produced

Did you know?! The açaí berry is highly perishable and will spoil as quickly as ten hours after being picked!

Unless you are in the amazon, açaí can only be consumed in a frozen puree form. Its pulp needs to be frozen to preserve its nutrient qualities for prolonged periods.

How is it harvested?!

Açaí is a unique berry that comes from a palm in the Amazon (pictured below) and is collected by hand. The açaí palm can grow up to 82 feet tall, that’s a tall climb!

The harvesters climb the palms and fetch the berries by hand. Once they grab hold of the bundle of berries they are tossed down to retrievers waiting on the ground beneath them.

From here the berries are put into wicker baskets (pictured below) made from vegetable fiber or plastic boxes with holes on the sides for proper ventilation. Since açaí berries can spoil as quickly as ten hours after being harvested it is vital that have proper ventilation to preserve freshness during transport.

Açaí is a very fragile fruit, so during transport the berries are kept out of direct sunlight. This helps to prevent drying of the berry.

Once the berries arrive to their designated location they are carefully selected. The selection process separates the berries that exhibit optimal ripeness and freshness from those that don’t.

Once the selection process is over the berries are then soaked and washed to rid of any dirt particles. This washing process also softens the pulp of the berry surrounding the seed so that it can be removed to produce the açaí puree used for açaí bowls!

After the açaí is packaged, it is rapidly frozen to lock in the freshness and preserve nutrients of the berry.

At Rollin’ Bowlz we serve grade A organic (unsweetened) açaí for an optimal bowl experience every time!

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