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What is Acai?!

What is acai? What makes it so great? Is it good for you?

We often get asked these questions on a day to day basis.

So we wanted to take a moment to explain what acai is and how you can benefit from eating it!

Acai is a berry derived from a palm in Central and South America. The berry is eighty percent seed which leaves a majority of its nutrients in the remaining twenty percent of the berry.

Acai is an antioxidant powerhouse! It also contains great sources of healthy omega fats and fiber.

Acai has so many nutritional benefits that it is considered a 'superfruit'!

So to answer your question- yes! Acai is a healthy berry.

But beware! Some acai shops serve sweetened acai that can contain up to eight times the amount of sugar than unsweeteend acai. Sometimes even more!

This can increase calories and sugar content significantly.

Here at Rollin' Bowlz we pride ourselves on serving the healthiest form of acai you can get your hands on. It does a bit more work on our end, but we take pride in serving you healthy whole foods.

If you are unsure of whether or not your go to acai shop serves unsweetened acai, be sure to ask!

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