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What Is Pitaya?!

We get this question very frequently. So, if you're not sure what pitaya is or where it comes from then you're in the right place!

Pitaya is a superfruit more commonly known as Dragon Fruit. It is grown on several species of cacti primarily in Central America.

Pitaya has a deep red/pink colored flesh and has hard green leaves.

The inside is a beautiful vibrant color that contains seeds similar to a kiwi.

What does pitaya taste like?

Pitaya has a faint, sweet taste much like an earthy watermelon. It is both refreshing and delicious!

What are the benefits of eating Pitaya?!

Pitaya is a nutrient dense fruit. It is rich in magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, B-12 and antioxidants. Pitaya is a great source for added energy and nutrients throughout your day!

At Rollin’ Bowlz we serve unsweetened, organic, freshly blended pitaya to ensure maximum nutrient benefits for our guests.

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