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Why Rollin' Bowlz Was Created!

We are often asked why we started an acai bowl business here in Central New York. And what a great question it is! The weather gets cold, the concept is fairly new and lets be real - it's 'risky business' trying to open something new to the area.

But we believe that with great risk comes great reward.

And how rewarding it has been!

If you have ever been to our store you will almost instantly notice exactly what we stand for.

From our welcoming and helpful team members to the clean, relaxing, tropical-like environment we have created for you. Topped off with the healthy, transparent menu items. Our 'why' revolves around providing you an experience unlike any other.

And no, that's not some cheesy marketing line we use to get you in the door.

Rollin' Bowlz goes far beyond delicious/authentic acai bowls and smoothies. To be completely transparent, Rollin' Bowlz has become SO much more than we had anticipated it would.

The store has become a gateway to our community.

We have been fortunate enough to not only bring something new to the area, but we have also had the opportunity to provide many donations to local events and charities as well!

Rollin' Bowlz has become a great platform to educate the community on what acai is, how it's harvested and the benefits it has.

But most of all, it has become a safe 'hip' space in our community for all to enjoy healthy, tropical, delicious foods with the ones they love.

We look forward to continue to add menu items and provide you with the value of knowledge, fun and delicious bowls!

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @rollin_bowlz_acai and 'like' us on Facebook @rollinbowlz for more fun posts like this!

Have a tubular day :)

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